Give the Gift of Camp Kesem

Camp Kesem@MIT

Camp Kesem@MIT

It’s Giving Tuesday folks; time to use the plastic to make a meaningful impact in the world. By clicking this link: and donating to Camp Kesem@ MIT you will be supporting a child through and beyond their parent’s cancer.

Less than two Turkey Days ago, my daughters and I stuffed ourselves into my hospital bed. To do so, they hopscotched around an intricate web of intravenous tubes and monitoring devices to snuggle next to me, one on each side, the perfect mama sandwich.

At the time, I was chewing on the reality of my own mortality. Who would love my children in my absence? A series of medical scans revealed a pronounced lesion near my spine. Its origin and identity were unknown as the sophistication of medical imaging often surpasses our medical knowledge. The lesion could be more cancer. It could be Aortitis (whatever that is). It could be an allergic reaction to the 18 weeks of chemotherapy that I endured. But no one knew. No one.

Yet I knew this: my daughters needed something else.

Although I deeply believe that my children will always be unconditionally loved by my family and friends, something was missing. Something loud and messy. Someone else who also understands what it is like when the cancer tsunami hits your home. Someplace that is led by bright, compassionate leaders who have been marinated in integrity and seared with joy. They needed Camp Kesem.

Driven by passionate college leaders, CK provides free, innovative, fun-filled programs to children impacted by a parent’s cancer. It is a diverse, sustainable community where every child feels loved, accepted and empowered. Watch the magic of Camp Kesem@MIT unfold here:

Your donation of any amount will help make CK 2019 happen. For example:

  • $10.00 Snacks. Snacks. Plenty of snacks.

  • $20.00 Evening fun: S’mores by the campfire. Glow sticks for the dance hall. Snacks.

  • $50.00 Messy wars: chalk, paint, shaving cream, Slip ‘N Slide Extreme, clean t-shirts. Repeat.

  • $75.00 Big ticket fun: rock climbing wall, petting zoo, inflatable gladiator joust.

  • $100.00 Sponsor a kid @ CK for a day.

With your help, we can spin cancer around on its bald, ugly head and create something good.
What if we used cancer to foster grit, resilience and community in our children? This is the magic of Camp Kesem. Please donate today.